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Tips to Soothe Your Fussy Baby

fussy baby
fussy baby

A mother’s instinct is to soothe her fussy baby, but sometimes it seems like there’s no solution. If you’ve covered all the obvious reasons why your baby might be fussing, such as being hungry, wet, too hot or cold, try one of these proven methods to soothe your little one.

Fussy Baby – The Distraction Technique

Your baby’s attention span is so short that a simple distraction is often enough to end the fussing. Try:

  • Dangling a shiny object out of reach such as a piece of jewelry
  • Gently ringing a bell
  • Blowing up a balloon (yes, it sounds crazy but babies are mesmerized by this!)
  • Moving a wind chime
  • Bringing your baby around the home showing them things like the linen closet or the pantry.

Fussy Baby – Change of Environment

This works in a similar way to the distraction technique but you actually completely change the baby’s environment. You could:

  • Bring the baby from outdoors to in, or vice versa
  • Turn on some soothing music, such as classical or new age
  • Turn the lights off while safely holding the baby
  • Bring the baby out for a short car ride in the car seat
  • Bring the baby on a stroller ride

Fussy Baby – Holistic Soothing Methods

Many babies become over stimulated. Try these calming ideas to quiet down your sensitive baby:

  • Blow very gently and slowly on the baby’s face
  • Swaddle the baby in a soft blanket. Swaddling makes the baby feel safe and protected.
  • Lay your baby stomach down on your thigh and tap very lightly on the back. Alternate this with a slow circular motion with the pads of your fingers.
  • Again with your baby on its stomach on your lap, sweep a light scarf across your baby’s back, using a feathery touch.

All babies are fussy at one time or another. Stay calm and soon your baby will be calm, too.

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