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Flying With Your Baby (Without the Headaches!)

flying with your baby
flying with your baby

Here’s your best shot at flying with your baby…and keeping your sanity

Something that you may dread—but that comes up more often than you may thing—is flying with your baby on an airplane. If you have ever flown before, you know that babies can be quite fussy in flight, which is difficult when it is NOT your baby—but downright impossible to handle when it is your own child.

Following some simple tips can make flying with your baby a much easier experience.

  • Try to plan your flight around nap time. If you can get baby to sleep during the flight you will be able to relax and enjoy the ride.
  • Figure out how your baby is most comfortable. Some flights allow you to carry a small baby in your lap, but some babies may not be comfortable with this for a long flight. In these cases it is well worth the cost of paying for a seat and bringing the carrier.
  • Bring plenty of bottles—there are stipulations in place to allow you to bring formula or pumped breast milk through security.
  • Bring a pacifier. Even babies who do not usually use one can benefit when the plane is ascending/descending.
  • If your baby is older bring toys and things to keep him or her occupied. Boredom can lead to major meltdowns.
  • Make sure you have the proper paperwork before you leave for the airport

Avoid a bigger mess if you can

Always bring both clean diapers and a spare change of clothes. You do not want an accident to cause baby to have to ride in wet or soiled clothes the entire trip.
Following these simple tips can make the flight you take with your baby much more bearable for both you and the others who fly with you. Careful planning is the best way to make certain you are prepared for anything that may come up in flight.

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